Plus: Better Markets; Transaction Costs Are Dead

In the last post, we established two basic business models and the two basic financing options.

A Crude History of the Debt-Equity Paradigm

I still remember the “Intro to Business” class where I learned the two ways to fund a company–debt and equity.

This seemed really rudimentary to me–insultingly “intro” level. Those can’t be the only ways? That is so lazy!

Having now invested in over 50 companies (yes, with mostly equity), I…

Any company located in rural Colorado and serving customers well beyond its locality has until June 18th to apply for over $1,300,000 in available investment through the Greater Colorado Pitch Series.

In 2020, the inaugural event drew in nearly one hundred applicants from 24 different Colorado communities for a chance…

Written in collaboration with Liz Giorgi, Co-Founder + CEO @ soona (@lizgiorgi)

Over the 2020 summer, Kokopelli Capital surveyed our portfolio, asking our founders how they felt about their company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). While we’re proud of the diversity amongst our portfolio, this survey showed that we, like…

As a founder, you will meet hundreds of people who want to see you succeed. They can come from your friends, family, random coffee meetings (when there is not a pandemic), fortuitous email intros, ‘get to know you’ zoom meetings, conferences, and everything in between.

These are allies to you…

>> Download the full report here.

GCVF operates like a startup. 2020 marked our first major ‘product release’ – the Greater Colorado Pitch Series.

As is our goalsetting dogma, we had one ‘primary goal’ —source at least one incredible founder team to invest in. …

Image of pitch series finalist logos on image of Colorado

The Greater Colorado Venture Fund is excited to announce the seven rural Colorado-based companies to pitch during the Greater Colorado Pitch Series Finals Broadcast, July 30, 2020, 12–2 PM MT.

Full disclosure — this is a repost of a press release issued on June 9th, available here.

Startups located in rural Colorado outside of the Fort Collins through Colorado Springs urban corridor have until June 30, 2020 to apply for up to $250,000 in investment from Greater Colorado Venture Fund

Recently, in the process of seeking partners for the Greater Colorado Pitch Series, we came across a novel requirement from a foundation — all partner organizations must have a formal non-discrimination policy.

Frankly, this was a miss on GCVF’s part.

As a team of three who take pride in our…

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